“To integrate and utilize robust technologies with our knowledge and flexibility to deliver value, reliability, efficiency and accuracy to our customers. To ensure we are always “leading the field” when it comes to systems, integration and service we regularly review our performance, we talk to and listen to our customers and we monitor KPIs to ensure continual improvement in the services we offer.”

It is crucial in today’s environment to deliver services economically while maintaining high standards. Bondelivery have Tracking Systems in all our vehicles, enabling us to improve driver and vehicle efficiency, monitor and improve fuel usage, doing as much as possible to reduce costs and carbon footprint.

Integration at a mutually agreeable level has proven a successful technology strategy. Our Transport Management system (TMS) and Warehouse management systems (WMS) can be used in conjunction with customers systems or to manage the entire logistics process. Daily POD scanning into document management systems allows customers to have the ability to view signature, delivery details, PODs via online track and track facilities.